When Peter Confessed Christ

The Roman Catholic church elevates Peter above what the Bible teaches about him. While he was a great servant of God, he was not the head of the Church. Too, the Church was not built on Peter, but on truth — unchangeable, rock-solid truth … [Read more...]

Christ’s Authority and Man’s Life

Colossians 3:17 teaches we are to submit our whole lives to Christ. This is true whether we live in the United States, the Philippines, or Australia. Ron's recent trip to the Philippines & Australia was focused, in part, on instilling respect for … [Read more...]

Sermons In Acts (5): Acts 13

From Acts 13-28 the Holy Spirit focuses on Paul and his work. He traveled through Asia and Europe teaching both Jew and Gentile. He experienced trials and triumphs along the way. His first recorded sermon is in Acts 13. This lesson in Acts 13 shows … [Read more...]

Sermons In Acts (4): Acts 10

In the first part of Acts we see the kingdom of God established and spreading. The Church started on Pentecost (Acts 2) and grew rapidly (Acts 3-5; 6:7). The Disciples were scattered because of the persecution and taught in Samaria (Acts 8:4). The … [Read more...]

First Principles of the Gospel

Hebrews 5:12 shows us first principles precede growth. First principles lead to salvation. This lesson will focus on a summary of first principles, the eunuch was saved by first principles, learning how to study the Bible is essential, and an … [Read more...]

Be Not Weary

Christians of Galatia were tested as the battled raged with false teachers. There was danger of discouragement and falling back into former sins and religious error. Their faith in Christ and in the sufficiency of the gospel was severely tested (Gal. … [Read more...]

Sharpen Your Children

Parents have a duty to raise their children in the Lord (Eph. 6:4). We must labor to save their souls and to save ours (as stewards of their souls). We raise them in the Lord to pass the faith on to the next generation. Too many of us are falling … [Read more...]

Esther 6: Unfinished Business

Esther exemplifies a great servant of God. She lived in exciting times in a foreign kingdom. Her story is better than any Disney Princess fairytale. Esther’s character reflected true beauty, as she was godly. She put her faith in God and depended on … [Read more...]

Esther 5: Risk and Reward

Esther was called on to risk it all for the sake of others – what if you were? She potentially faced the wrath of the king. What if you were called on to face the wrath of others...of someone with the power to do you serious harm? One thing we learn … [Read more...]

Ask, Seek, Knock

God’s promises are sure and steadfast. He cannot lie (Heb. 6:18). His word is truth (Jn. 17:17). We can depend on Him. Jesus said if we ask, seek, and knock, God will respond. Not mocking us. Giving assurance. Do you believe it? Putting our … [Read more...]