When Good People Suffer Bad Things: Psa. 22:1

Good people do suffer bad things (Psa. 22:1). We cannot bear this burden alone, as noted by the Psalmist (22:1-5). Psalm 22 is about faith in the time of suffering: 1-21 is a plea for deliverance; 22-31 is praise for deliverance. When good people … [Read more...]

Not Extinct

The world of science and the ones who are presented as experts, do not always get it right. There are multiple cases of extinct species not being extinct at all. In other words, scientists definitively decreed animal X has been extinct for thousands … [Read more...]

Two Attitudes Toward God’s Word

There are two attitudes toward God's word: liberal and conservative. Liberals see God's word as open, loose...that we are free to change, add, subtract, and adapt to modern times. Conservatives view the Bible as a set standard which must be respected … [Read more...]

Can We Understand The Bible Alike?

Can we understand the Bible alike? Should we? Is it required by God? The world says no! Many praise differences: Different doctrines (once saved always saved, possibility of apostasy). Different practices (sprinkling, pouring, … [Read more...]

God With Us

The Bible shows us various people had different views of Jesus. Hometown kid (Matt. 13:54-57). Entertainer (Lk. 23:8). Fraud (Mk. 14:61-64). Christ, the Son of the living God (Matt. 16:16). God only (1 Jn. 4:2, 3). Similar to ancient times, … [Read more...]

Becoming A Christian

To become a member of an organization or to be recognized as a certain type of individual, there are steps to take. To become a US Citizen, you must follow specific procedures or you will be an illegal alien. To be a soldier, you must pass a test and … [Read more...]

Elders Guide and Guard Souls

God ordained elders to guide and guard souls, leading them to heaven (Acts 20:28-32). We want to understand and follow God’s plan for the role of elders in His church: learn the nature of leadership in three words; look at specific duties of elders; … [Read more...]

Uzziah: A Successful Failure

How will you be remembered? What will the record say about your life? Will it be, "She reached her potential," or "He rose to the occasion and made a difference"? Do you want to be remembered as someone who had so much potential, but squandered it or … [Read more...]

Fearless Christians Face The Homosexual Agenda

What can the righteous do when the foundations of truth are attacked? There is a homosexual agenda that is destroying souls, homes, churches, and the nation. The president has made statements in support of homosexuals and their political agenda. The … [Read more...]

Man Answers To God

We cannot blame those who came before us for our sins. Our choices and behavior determine whether or not we life or die spiritually — whether we are in fellowship & enjoy the blessings or separated from God & suffer the … [Read more...]